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Case Management

The purpose of Case Management is to ensure access to treatment, support services and promote the recovery process.

Case Management is the point of entry into all drug and alcohol use disorder services and is driven by the individual's needs.  The aim is to provide the least restrictive level of care necessary so that the individual's life is disrupted as little as possible.

Our Case Managers will:

     1.    Provide the individual with a comprehensive and confidential assessment

     2.    Determine what the appropriate level of care should be, such as; 

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 3.    When the level of care has been determined, a case manager will make                   the necessary referral arrangements to a licensed drug and alcohol                             provider and assist the individual throughout the treatment process.

4.   During the assessment or at the aftercare appointment, the case manager 

        will review non-treatment needs.    

Referrals can be made for the following needs:
•    Health care coverage
•    Basic needs (food bank referral/transportation)
•    Physical health
•    Emotional/mental health
•    Family
•    Child care
•    Legal status
•    Life skills
•    Social 
•    Employment

Priority scheduling is offered to:

•    Pregnant women who inject drugs
•    Pregnant women who use substances
•    Persons who inject drugs
•    Overdose survivors
•    Veterans


Disclaimer: Preferential treatment services will be provided to pregnant women.

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