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Our Creed

We demonstrate our system of principles and beliefs through Our Creed which states:

  1. We will treat everyone we encounter with respect.

  2. We will treat everyone with courtesy and good manners.

  3. We will offer hope to others.

  4. We will be sensitive to others' needs.

  5. We will practice good listening skills.

  6. We will ask for help, assistance, or clarification.

  7. We will value the importance of working together as a team.

  8. We will display a positive attitude with kind words and a smile.

  9. We will accept and adapt to change.

  10. We will be reliable so others know they can depend on us.

  11. We will exhibit our gratitude for one thing each day (for all we are given.)

  12. We will be responsible for our choices and our actions.

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