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Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. (FCDAC, Inc.) has been enhancing our community's quality of life by promoting addiction free living.  

We achieve this mission by empowering individuals to access education, intervention, assessment, treatment and referral sources.

FCDAC, Inc. takes everyone's situation seriously and is committed to providing our clients with the best treatment, case management, intervention/dui, and prevention services available to Fayette County residents.

Services Include:

  • Full range of licensed drug and alcohol programs

  • Individual and family outpatient counseling for alcohol and other drug problems and related issues

  • Referrals to inpatient detoxification or rehabilitation

  • Prevention/education for school and community

  • DUI and Underage drinking programs

  • Priority scheduling is offered to:

    • •    Pregnant injection drug users
      •    Pregnant  substance users
      •    Inject drug users
      •    Overdose survivors
      •    Veterans

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